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At Kimball's Diesel we specialize in Powerstroke engine diagnostics and repair.  From leaks to running issues, from bullet proofing to complete engine rebuilds, from 7.3-6.7, there's nothing we can't handle.  Using OEM parts means making a better repair, and if there is a better upgrade than what came from the factory we can advise you on that as well.  Either way you can feel confident about your truck knowing it's maintained and repaired by a certified Powerstroke technician.

Although we specialize in engine repair we are capable of performing other services too.  Cab light installation is a common request and we enjoy changing front head lights, grilles, and bumpers as well as doing many other exterior cosmetic modifications.  We have also started offering ball joint and front wheel hub repairs.   If there is another project you would like completed on your vehicle we can discuss and see if its something that we can take care of for you.

What our customers are saying

I have used kimball's diesel over the past 3 years and Cody has done an outstanding job on keeping my f-250 6.0 on the road. From replacing the heads and installing the head studs to replacing injectors and ficm. Always done in a timely manner and always paying attention to the finer details, up front with cost and the issues at hand , as well as the affordability there won't be another company to touch my truck other then kimball's Diesel.

Nathaniel Crothers - 12/14/2017

I have a 6.0 that Kimball’s Diesel fixed a coolant leak, replaced a bent pushrod and replaced a failed injector. Overall was an excellent experience and I will definitely be bringing my truck back to Cody.

Cody Wilson- 11/5/18

Service Prices

At Kimball's Diesel we cut the cost of taking your truck to a dealership!  We strive to have the fairest prices around.

Engine Diagnostics


For up to 2 hr diag. time.

Any additional will be $70 hr

Computer diag.

Visual inspection

Pin point tests

Certain special tests



Per hour

Hours based on book times for repair.

This goes towards any engine repairs.

Book times come from national data base.

Fluid leak diag. is typically 1 hr.

Used Inspections


Up to 25 mi travel distance

Anything further would have to be negotiated.

Checking for codes.

Running self tests

Visual inspection

Oasis warranty report if available.

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