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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How often should I change my oil and fuel filters?  A: I recommend changing oil every 5K miles and fuel filters every 10K miles, no matter what diesel engine you have.  I also highly recommend  using Motorcraft filters and filter caps. 
  • Q: What kind of oil should I use?  A: I like to run Motorcraft oil in my truck and usually recommend it as well, I have also always had good luck with Shell Rotella T.
  • Q: How often should I drain my fuel/water separator?   A: Ford says to drain monthly, I would say at least once every 2 months.
  • Q: Which  coolant should I use?  A: I always recommend using what was made for your vehicle.  Motorcraft green with coolant additive for 7.3s, Motorcraft gold for 6.0, 6.4s, Motorcraft orange for 6.7s, and now Motorcraft yellow for the '19 and up 6.7s.  Always use distilled water to mix with coolant is not using premix.  
  • Q: My check engine light is on, what could it be?  A: Without scanning the vehicle I can't tell you what's wrong with it.
  • Q: My truck will not start without plugging it in, what could that be?  A: Most likely its a glow plug or glow plug relay issue, but it could also be an injector issue.
  • Q: I put gas/DEF/got bad fuel in my tank, what should I do?  A: If you put any of these in your 6.7 or 6.4 and turned the key on your vehicle is going to need a fuel system,  these will destroy the fuel pump and there isn't a way to flush it out.  If you know it's in there and the key hasn't been turned on the fuel pump should be disconnected and then we can drain tank and clean low pressure system.  If we are dealing with a 7.3, 6.0 we can drain the tank, flush the system, change filters, and usually save the fuel components.  
  • Q: My 6.0 is pushing coolant out of the coolant tank, what could that be?  A: It could be a blown egr cooler of blown head gaskets, possibly even a cracked head.  Usually a blown egr cooler will leak into exhaust and cause a lot of white smoke.  Never change an egr cooler without replacing the oil cooler.  
  • Q: How can I find out where my coolant leak is coming from?  A: I can pressure test your cooling system and pin point exactly where its coming from.
  • Q: There's oil in my coolant, what causes that?  A: A blown oil cooler can put oil into the cooling system.  This will require oil cooler replacement and flushing of cooling system.
  • Q: I have bad head gaskets, do you have to pull cab to fix that?  A: 7.3s and 6.0s do not require that cab to come off for anything other than cab bushing replacement.  The 6.4s and 6.7s require cab removal for most major repairs.
  • Q: What are your thoughts on 6.0, 6.4, 6.7?  A: We all know 7.3 are the easiest to maintain and will take the abuse but these others wont.  They all have their own issues but if it were up to me I'd take a 6.7 over a 6.0, I'd take a 6.0 over a 6.4.  6.7s for the most part are trouble free, except for emissions parts.  Yes the 6.0 has problems but once they a, re taken care of they are pretty reliable.  6.4s to me are a ticking time bomb.  Fuel injection pump fails needs a whole system and cab has to come off.  Turbo goes down, leaks, or turbo pipes crack the cab has to come off.  The 6.4 just seems to be the most expensive to repair.
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